Welcome to SBIRTwiki, for sharing ideas and information about screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment. It's also intended for global colleagues who use the term EIBI (Early Identication and Brief Intervention). Since SBIRT principles are already being applied beyond substance abuse, EIBI may prove to be a more inclusive term in the long run.

SAMHSA’s recent funding for SBIRT projects represents a new focus on implementation in primary care, as well as integration of substance abuse treatment and mental health. The inclusion of screening for co-occurring disorders aligns with the recommendation from the US Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) for depression screening for adults. CSAT is ahead of the curve in promoting screening for illicit drug use, which the USPSTF has yet to endorse. While practice tends to lag behind research, in this case SAMHSA is leading the way.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) are also providing leadership for integration of behavioral and primary health care, via support for several SBIRT research projects and a holistic approach to preventive services: “Identifying Core Behavioral and Psychosocial Data Elements for the Electronic Health Record.” By taking a comprehensive approach to health screening, the multi-disciplinary team has set the stage for implementing a process of early identification of health and wellness issues.

The following SBIRT videos reflect the diversity of approaches that our colleagues have taken:

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RaffertyWeiss Media | SBIRT - "Substance Abuse Screening"

Thanks to YouTube for hosting these SBIRT videos!